Volunteering in a Box

Richard Norris; Friend of the Novo-K Team, has launched his first book: Volunteering in a Box.

"If you said that there was one thing that would potentially benefit any individual who tried it in terms of their health, wellbeing and skills; ....The answer is, simply, volunteering. With volunteering, everyone involved in the eco system wins and wins in many diverse ways."  Richard Norris

This book aims to set out how each player can benefit from volunteering and gives some practical tips on how to make it happen. Employer volunteering schemes don't need to be complex or overly bureaucratic; but the best ones reflect the aims and the ethos of the companies and it's worth taking a little time to think it through. 

Spend Matters Blog - Tips for Successful Procurement in the Charity Sector

Spend Matters share our Tips from eWorld

Peter Smith of Spend Matters writes about his attendance of our eWorld Workshop in London - 'Tips for Successful Procurement in the Charity Sector'

"At the recent eWorld event, Kavita Cooper and Rohan Yoganathan (previously Head of Procurement at Barnardo’s) ran a hands-on workshop aimed at those working in and around the charity sector."

“....some people working in charities naively believe that suppliers will always give them a good deal – simply because they are charities."

Why Buyer/Supplier Relationships Really Matter

Why Buyer/Supplier Relationships Really Matter

Everyone seems to be writing about technology and the race to automate and use augmented intelligence in business. Yet the technology focus cannot be at the expense of the human focus.

In this guest article for In-Procurement Magazine, Chris Cliffe shares his expertise into why buyer/supplier relationships really matter.

Spend Matters Blog - Helping the Charity Sector Improve Procurement Performance, Kavita Cooper Interview

Spend Matters UK/Europe Interview Kavita

"Helping the Charity Sector Improve Procurement Performance" - in March 2017 Kavita was interviewed by Peter Smith of Spend Matters, discussing how important it is that the charity sector embrace and understand procurement.

“It is not unusual to find that a charity has decided they need a Head of Procurement. They appoint someone and think that’s it, they’ve cracked the problem!” The individual is left with no real support, resource, or investment in tools and technology, and so will inevitably struggle.

Phil Perkins and Alex Cole-Hamilton discuss Spending Money Wisely

Wasting £25 stops one family in Niger from escaping poverty

Phil Perkins, head of Purchasing and Alex Cole-Hamilton, head of Corporate Responsibility both at Oxfam, discuss procurement

Spending money wisely is part of Oxfam’s DNA. So too is protecting the workforce in supply chains, which is why the charity’s procurement and corporate responsibility heads are often found together. 

Charity Finance Publication Blog, how charities can create an effective procurement strategy

How your charity can create an effective procurement strategy

Don't waste the summer months! There are huge opportunities for charities to use the quieter time to focus on goals and actions to improve their bottom line. 

In this guest article for Charity Finance, we talk about how charities can make procurement a priority and the stages to creating a procurement strategy.

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