The power of training your team in-house

Regardless of the size of your organisation, investing in your team is a critical factor for success and should be considered best practice in any sector. Falling behind in our knowledge is no longer an option, take GDPR as an example. Legislation that we all need to understand before the May deadline. If we don’t there are legal consequences.

Team training is a high priority for us and here are 4 benefits that can be realised:

Team building; Collaboration and team building are a passion for Novo-K and it makes all the difference to our productivity. In-house training has the advantage that it encourages team work, innovation and bringing together our people who may speak to each other each day, but not get the opportunity to be in the same room to share ideas and thoughts. It is also an opportunity for everyone to become more aware of the other roles and responsibilities across the organisation and their importance in delivering our mission.

Cost saving; In-house training can save money! Usually the ‘per delegate’ cost is reduced as there are fewer overheads, not forgetting the travel expenses getting to and from the venue.

Quality; Training alongside your team and others in your organisation means that the course material can be tailored to your brand, goals and vision.

Convenience; Time is always a big consideration when looking at training courses. How long will it take to get there? What is the best route? Will I be able to park? In-house training takes away these concerns, in most cases it starts and ends as a normal day, in the same place that the team is located and familiar with.

Carrying out in-house training does come with some responsibility and investment. Here are our tips for getting the best out of your training:

Tips to get the best out of your in-house training:

Facilitators; Always make sure the course is facilitated by experienced and qualified trainers, importantly that they are up-to-date with best practices. When training a group of up to 20 people, an experienced trainer will identify the different levels and learning paces of the delegates and deliver the content to meet individual needs.

Tell the team early; Save the dates aren’t just for weddings, as soon as you have a date booked make sure the team are aware and put a meeting straight in the diary. Continue to update them and remind them of what is coming, particularly if the training date is a few months away.

Be prepared; Having trainers coming to you means that there is an element of planning involved. Ensure a meeting room is booked in advance, that it is the right size to accommodate everyone and that all technical issues are dealt with before the day. Make sure your team know what to bring with them – do they need a laptop?

Choose external trainers; Similar to the issues you’d find when trying to teach your children maths homework, being too close to your delegates can cause them to be less attentive and more prone to making excuses. Choose an external trainer, not only because of their expertise, but they also offer a great opportunity to give fresh ideas and offer new techniques to tackle issues.

Invest in your team and start seeing the benefits

Novo-K train the SMART way, using our SMARTprocurement model. We’ve listened and the results are training courses that are both practical and relevant, helping you make a bigger impact for your beneficiaries and deal with the challenges you face in the charity sector.

You can take advantage of our training courses and start seeing the benefits within your organisation. A taster of our popular courses:

1. Procurement Foundations – 1 day

Delivered by an experienced CIPS qualified trainer, this course is targeted at senior stakeholders and budget holders, helping them grow their understanding of procurement, the value it can bring and their role in identifying opportunities.

We share professional knowledge, tools and case studies to demonstrate how procurement can bring more clarity and control over the way funds are spent, and how it can unlock funds to support more beneficiaries #FundFinding.

Previously attended by Scope and Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

2. Introduction to Negotiation – 1 day

Delivered by an experienced CIPS qualified trainer, this course is targeted at all those involved with supplier relationships. The course steps through the negotiation process from preparation and planning, to negotiating styles and tactics.

We share professional experience, tools and case studies to help delegates learn the skills of an effective negotiator to ensure they walk away with the best possible deal, delivering value for money for their organisation.

Contact the Novo-K team on 0800 002 9025 or email today to talk about SMARTtraining.

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