Thank you eWorld! We showcased our SMART tools to help procurement in charities shine

Firstly, a big thank you to eWorld for inviting us and all those who attended our workshop at the recent eWorld: Procurement and Supply event in London. Alongside Rohan Yoganathan the Novo-K team enjoyed sharing expertise and tools around procurement in the charity sector.

Events such as eWorld are a great way to learn more about the procurement profession, what new and innovate products  are available to support professionals and meet inspiring people. We had a mixture of charity and non-charity representatives at our Workshops and it was thought-provoking to find out what challenges they are facing in the current socio-economic climate.

Overview from the sessions:

Through Novo-K Kavita has immersed herself into the charity sector to understand their current issues, major concerns and opportunities. Rohan brought along his experience Heading up Procurement at Barnardo’s. During Part 1 of our workshop, they lead a discussion on the role of procurement and how to demonstrate the value it can bring to charities.

Although the challenge of selling the value of procurement is felt across every sector, charities are faced with a unique perspective, where the bottom-line is not necessarily the top priority. Charities, quite rightly, are concerned about supporting their beneficiaries and attracting and retaining donations. Procurement activity is often perceived to be a back office finance function that can be overly bureaucratic, not meeting the objectives of the fundraising teams and forcing unnecessary change.

Making procurement more visible, improving internal PR, ensuring procurement's early involvement in decision making and finding a common goal, activity or project (we call it #FundFinding) will all go a long way to making procurement an ‘enabler’.

During Part 2, alongside Kavita, Jess Staniforth (Novo-K’s Head of Marketing) discussed and shared how procurement can help fundraising teams demonstrate the value of public and corporate donations and how marketing links in.

With charities facing increased public scrutiny, procurement should become more proactive in sharing good new stories and how costs are controlled, how money is spent and savings achieved. Making procurement functions more visible externally, can help charities increase donations and improve front-line services by giving donors increased confidence that fund are spent the right way

During our workshops, we discussed a number of tools we found most effective to ‘get the job done’ with our clients and how charities can implement them to make real changes to raise the profile of procurement.

Our tools:

We want charities to join us along the procurement journey, from CEOs to volunteers. We shared and demonstrated our most popular tools with the delegates:

  1. Buying Process Hierarchy of Needs (explained below)
  1. Hi-Lite Report – helping raise the profile of the work you do internally
  1. Clarity, Control, Confidence – Share where you are with your fundraising team
  1. Share - Help your marketing team to share your key messages externally

Tool 1: Capture the priorities and drivers involved in the buying process

To become a strong team, you need to understand the priorities and needs of all your stakeholders. Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs we have tailored a tool for charities to use proactively at the beginning of any sourcing activity.

How to use the tool:

Traditionally, the Hierarchy of Needs is used individually and based around fundamental needs for survival. Our take on the this is to use it as a method to find out what the buying priorities are for all the different parties within the charity, from CEO to Fundraising Director, in turn this will give you the 3 main requirements/needs that can help you move forward.

We’ve used this approach successfully with our clients Using this tool, the procurement lead is a facilitator and understand individual objectives, share opinions and come to an agreement on the best direction for the organisation to take. stakeholders. Whether together or apart, ask the decision makers of your charity (or business) to complete the tool Different points of view and needs will arise, picking the top three across all those who complete it, will ensure that the buying strategy is aligned across the organisation.

Download it now….

You can download our tool to use in your own organisation here, we’d love to hear your feedback and how you have implemented it, so please do let us know! 

What’s next…

We will be talking about our ‘Hi-Lite Report’ tool in our next blog, how sharing the value of procurement internally, helping raise the profile of the work that you do, could drive higher donations and improved front-line.

If you would like to have access to this and other tools from the team to help your procurement function, you can sign up here to our next newsletter. If you can’t wait, then email us at and we’ll send you all 4 tools now, plus an invitation to a complementary skype call to discuss how we can help your organisation.

Jess Staniforth

Jess Staniforth

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