Novo-K is a Procurement Consultancy, working with small & medium business and charities to help them gain clarity and control over their expenditure. Our products take organisations on a journey of discovery from understanding their current position, identifying opportunities through to full cost transformation.

Our services improve supply base management and mitigate risk, with the goal to maximise financial results delivering increased profits or supporting more front-line services.

We have built a team with a wealth of experience and knowledge working with charities, private businesses and public organisations. We understand the unique challenges of each sector and using our 5-step SMARTprocurement method, we deliver tailored and highly effective solutions for each customer.

Working with key stakeholders in your organisation, we build a Procurement Strategy which defines your roadmap for external expenditure that supports your organisation’s strategic objectives. 

We personalise policies which outline the principles, objectives, specific targets and code of conduct ready to be embedded into your organisations culture and practice. 
We will define and assist you in implementing a Procurement Strategy and Procurement Governance, which is relevant to the size and complexity of your organisation.
Having these key elements in place will give trustees, regulators and donors confidence that money is being spent in the best and right way to achieve the publicly stated aims.​

Data is fundamental to understanding your organisation and where the opportunities lie. We understand data is challenging and not always accurate. We work with you to extract as much information as possible to build a picture of where you are, what is currently being measured and where the opportunities lie. 

Every activity to generate funds, run the operations and deliver front line services attracts costs. We are able to work with your key stakeholders to help build budgets and forecasts to track and manage your expenditure giving you more control and ongoing clarity on how funds are spent.

We investigate your existing supply base to help gain insight and identify strengths, areas for development, opportunities and Risks. This includes an in-depth review of your supplier contract commitments including Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators

We interpret the output from data gathered, then analyse and produce a robust action plan to deliver your Procurement strategy;

Tactical procurement; which will deliver quick wins and savings, through it's immediate impact it helps people across an organisation understand the value of procurement and support on-going activity

Strategic procurement; the benefits realised through strategic delivery may be further down the line but ensure longer term sustainable contracts and partnerships that will deliver more than just cost savings

Risk Management; underpins all procurement activities. All risks should be captured, impact should be measured and mitigation plans produced to protect an organisation, its employees, volunteers and beneficiaries. 

​​INTERNAL: To deliver a successful programme it is fundamental to have everyone on the journey. Through Stakeholder-mapping we understand the priorities of your Key Stakeholders. Tailored communication plans and training promotes the value of good procurement practice.

SUPPLIER: It is important to recognise not all suppliers are the same so there isn’t a single, one size fits all supplies strategy. Using our expertise, we will build a supplier strategy and plan suitable for your organisation.  Through good relationships it is possible to minimise costs and drive innovation.

OTHER CHARITIES: Through our network we are able to bring together charities giving you an opportunity to collaborate, share best practice, services and innovation #strongertogether

We offer a tailored and affordable solution to implement and deliver your ‘Approach’, working with all stakeholders and adhering to your Policy and Governance. We deliver bespoke training to build up in-house expertise and can also provide hands-on delivery supporting your organisational strategy.

Through our Transformation project we focus on building great procurement communication and monitor organisational wide adherence, so that everyone is able to understand the purpose and importance of their role, how to follow process and how to request help or support.

We build personalised Procurement Tools which include tender process documents, contract database through to the internal reporting.  Regular reviews and reports are produced following governance, giving confidence to the board that controls are in place and funds are being spent to maximise results and deliver the strategic objectives.

Key benefits of SMARTprocurement

Good procurement practice is embedded into the culture of the organisation, organisations gain clarity and control over their third party expenditure, they save money, develop strong relationships that drive innovation, increase collaboration and make them attractive employers. Importantly, they are able to demonstrate effective management of money, supplier partners and supply chain risk. 

As a result, more money can be used to deliver your strategic objectives, whilst simultaneously spending less and maximising your results

Cost Savings

Reducing your costs across the organisation, so that you can do more and grow.

Risk Reduction

Reducing the risks to the organisation from third parties and suppliers

Supplier Confidence

Suppliers are evaluated to ensure they meet the business requirements, spend category and long-term value.

Better Performance

Developing a robust process and advice on procurement tools to focus performance and create better value.

SMARTprocurement is our model that will save money, reduce risk and more in your charity or organisation

Our Solution - think SMART

Novo-K can help you save money, reduce risk to your business, improve your processes and much more

Our products are designed to help you along your procurement journey. Whether you need a supporting hand to write your policies or review your spend data, through to tendering support or bespoke procurement consultancy services. Our solutions are flexible to work with your organisation to help you maximise your results.

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SMARTprocurement Products

At Novo-K we understand the challenges that businesses and charities are facing in the current global economy. Organisations are needing to be more adaptable to change to ensure they remain competitive and are able to manage their costs effectively.

Using our SMARTprocurement method we specialise in supporting organisations like yours to understand, manage and implement the necessary changes to deliver your strategic aims.



Together we can deliver immediate benefits by reviewing existing buying habits, purchasing activities and identifying quick wins


Wherever you are in your tender journey our specialist team will help you complete the activity with favourable contract terms, deliver value for money and build stronger supplier relationships


Using our 5 step SMARTprocurement model we can boost your procurement function, giving you clarity, control and confidence helping you maximise results


Our SMARTsource offering provides flexible, affordable and expert procurement resource to support your organisation when you need it


Using our 5-step SMART programme of Strategy, Approach, Measure, Relationship and Transformation, our 9 courses will help you and your team build a great procurement function.

End-to-End Support

We offer end-to-end services to support your organisation which includes Project Management, Document Management and Training

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