Businesses and charities are increasingly under regulator and public scrutiny. By having effective policies that are in line with others across your sector, you can demonstrate the required governance and control. An effective and transparent policy environment can protect you and you save money by establishing cost effective standards across your organisation. 

Three main problems with policy management


Not all organisations have documented rules and standardised policies. Without these it is hard to maintain a consistent approach to buying products and services and can introduce supply chain risk


Having polices that do not meet the required levels or which conflict with an organisation's core purpose can be damaging and impact on both the culture and brand of an organisation


Organisations often develop their own suite of policies.  However these can take up valuable resource and need to be regularly assessed. They also then need to be communicated into an organisation for ongoing compliance

Our Solution = SMARTpolicies

Very rapidly, your organisation will have a clear set of policies that meet international standards. These policies have been tested for simplicity and clarity of message and for effective implementation.

Each policy is customised to your organisation, adjusted to cover any brand-critical considerations and comes with a communication and PDF poster pack for you to distribute.

Key Benefits


Novo-K can help you create a clear set of professional documents. These will provide clear guidance to your employees and others to ensure they meet the rules and standards set by your organisation


Working together we can establish clear practices and benchmark your policies to ensure they stand up to assessment, protecting you against potential fraud or claims of improper behaviour 


Using Novo-K you can benefit from speed, best practice and sector wide bench-marking. We can build cost effective professional policies and provide collateral to roll out updates and training

Our suite of SMARTpolicies includes:

Guidance on travel booking and behaviour

Guidance on hospitality / gifts and supplier selection

Guidance on procurement process and selection

Guidance on specific conflicts and avoidance

Guidance for trustees on insurance cove

Guidance on vehicle selection and driver behaviour

Identification and elimination of Modern Slavery

Guidance on working with suppliers in sectors which are contrary to the charity core purpose

Guidance on the management of contracts

Guidance on selection, retention and management of Staff / Contractors and Consultants

Guidance on Environmental Standards, Community support, Supplier Diversity and Corporate standards for ethical and environmental performance

Policy and templates to manage the continuity of the business to manage / mitigate against an adverse event or supplier failure

Guidance on behaviour and permitted usage of Phones / Own Devices

Guidance on authorisation of expenditure within the charity

Framework Templates and Policy for identifying and classifying organisational risks

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