Good procurement is often misunderstood with organisations settling for some tactical savings and running unnecessary, time-consuming and costly tenders. Our SMARTconsult offering helps identify where your Procurement activity or function needs support. Through our tailored programme we can ensure your organisation benefits from the value procurement can bring and build a robust plan for continuous improvement.

Three main problems facing procurement function

Clarity and Control over expenditure

Buying behaviours can vary across any organisation, based on needs, requirements and resource. An organisation can struggle to identify areas of concern or opportunity without being able to take a holistic view of their internal processes and relationships with the suppliers.

Identify areas to save money

Many organisations struggle to control their costs, as understandably they are focusing efforts and resource on driving up revenue or fundraising. Data is produced however due to the required resource it isn’t always analysed and scrutinised for improved understanding and opportunities.   

Weak relationships

Not managing key supplier relationships is a area of weakness for many organisations. Not having the right contract in place can cause difficulties to both parties and not investing time and resource can mean missing out on opportunities others are benefiting from.  

Our Solution = SMARTconsult

To benefit fully and get the best value from procurement activity it is important to understand what Good Procurement looks like and how it should be implemented.

Novo-K can offer solutions from upskilling existing resource, to developing processes and providing access to industry leading procurement tools. We are able to provide consultancy tailored to your organisation to deliver SMARTprocurement our model as a Cost transformation programme.

The Benefits and Overall Results

Clarity and control

We are able to review your existing buying and procurement culture, provide feedback on your current situation and how to move forward to benefit from tactical quick wins and longer term strategic benefits to help transform your organisation.

Reduce costs & save money

We analyse your spend data and build robust plans to drive increased efficiencies and savings. You can then identify a baseline or standard for continual improvement. This can provide you with a competitive advantage or help deliver more front line services.

Strong relationships

Implementing and managing contracts that work for both parties builds stronger and more strategic relationships with suppliers and partners. This is critical to on-going cost management, encouraging innovation & automation and driving up growth.

The results for charities; increased donor confidence, ability to demostrate funds are spent effectively, attracting more grants and fundraising and setting standards for continual improvement

The results for businesses; increased shareholder confidence, improved third party costs and benefitting from more profit, reducing organisational and brand risk and setting standards for continual improvement

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