Using our 5-step SMART programme of Strategy, Approach, Measure, Relationship and Transformation, our 9 courses will help you and your team build a great procurement function.


  • Role of Governance
  • Principles of strategy development
  • Key elements of a procurement Policy
  • Understanding the environment and markets


  • Understanding Risk
  • Mapping and managing risk
  • Category Management principles
  • Tactical vs Strategic Delivery
  • Preparation
  • Use of supporting materials
  • Keeping the audience engaged
  • Managing nerves

MEASURE Training

  • Importance of budgeting
  • Building and managing the budget
  • Working with stakeholders to understand requirements 
  • Measuring the supplier – key metrics of performance 


  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Relationship spectrum
  • Effective communication 
  • Influencing and engaging stakeholders 
  • Preparation and planning
  • Phases of negotiation
  • Use of appropriate negotiating styles
  • Methods of persuasion and use of tactics 
  • Understanding the other party
  • Impact of verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Skills of an effective negotiator 


  • Types of contracts
  • Key components of a legally binding contract
  • Key contractual terms
  • Battle of the forms
  • Exiting contracts

Contract and Supply Management

  • The importance of managing suppliers and contracts
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Principles of performance management
  • Effective use of KPIs
  • Managing change
  • Managing underperformance 
  • Understanding the need - specification development
  • Identifying potential suppliers
  • Agreeing contract terms
  • Managing the delivery of the contract and supplier relationship


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Every relationship begins somewhere, so please get in touch!