SME’s are the lifeblood of the UK economy and whilst they have experienced a time of success and growth, with a  changing global economy we know keeping costs manageable, remaining competitive and delivering excellent customer service will differentiate them.

For SMEs to continue to flourish and deliver their aims they need to embrace and unleash the power of procurement. SMARTprocurement does not only help manage their bottom-line but also drive increased revenue and build customer confidence in the quality and value for money they can provide.     

Three main problems facing businesses

Stand out

Being able stand out and differentiate from the competition to acquire and retain customers, whilst keeping costs under control

Financial management

Maintaining good financial Management, identifying and mitigating risks or manage corporate governance to avoid impacting on brand, employee morale and ultimately profit

Control costs

Having experienced resource to build cost reduction plans aligned to your strategic aims and manage both direct and indirect costs in the supply your chain

Our Solution = SMARTprocurement


We work with organisations to help them gain clarity and control over their expenditure. Our products and services take organisations on a journey of discovery from understanding their current position, identifying opportunities through to full implementation.

Using our knowledge and experience of the sector we have designed a 5 step method, called SMARTprocurement;  the strategic sourcing and management of suppliers in order to gain clarity, control costs and mitigate risks.

Key Benefits for Businesses

Standing out

We can help you achieve differentiation through reviewing your existing supply chain and partners, ensuring you have the best contractual relationships which encourage innovation, continuous improvement and improved quality


We identify areas of improvement and provide processes and tools so that you can ensure governance is addressed and standards are met. Risks are captured and are mitigated before they become issues and you can focus on delivering growth

Keep you competitive

Through understanding your third-party costs we can work with you to deliver a cost transformation activity, at all levels, utilising both tactical and strategic approaches, keeping you competitive and most importantly profitable.

The RESULT; our support helps organisations improve supply base management, mitigate risk and maximise financial results with increased profits, allowing them to focus on their business aims and customers

Our SMARTproducts


Together we can deliver immediate benefits by reviewing existing buying habits, purchasing activities and identifying quick wins


Wherever you are in your tender journey our specialist team will help you complete the activity with favourable contract terms, deliver value for money and build stronger supplier relationships.


We can help build your bespoke procurement function using our 5 step SMARTconsult programme. Giving you clarity, control, confidence and delivering maximum results.


Outsource your procurement to Novo-K. Our SMARTsource offering provides flexible, affordable and expert procurement resource to support your organisation when you need it.


Using our 5-step SMART programme of Strategy, Approach, Measure, Relationship and Transformation, our 9 courses will help you and your team build a great procurement function.

End-to-End Support

Our team has a varied skill-set and can help your organisation with more than just procurement. Including Project Management, Document Management and Training.


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Every relationship begins somewhere, so please get in touch!