At Novo-K we have a desire to bring proven private sector procurement knowledge and expertise to the charitable and voluntary organisations. 

Through immersing ourselves in the charity sector, we have built key relationships with UK charities and have also partnered with national umbrella bodies. We understand the challenges the sector is facing and have developed our SMARTprocurement model to support organisations. We also regularly host events where we provide a platform to bring together charity leaders to share learning and drive collaboration.  

Three main problems facing charities

There are almost 164,000 charities delivering support and services touching almost everyone including the most vulnerable in society. We know for them to survive they need to face public scrutiny head on and become more commercial, whilst not diverting away or being distracted from their mission. They need to deliver more for less whilst also addressing social and economic changes.

Through our work and relationships, we know the key problems the sector face:

Sustainable Funding

With some charities delivering only 10p in the £1, we have seen donor confidence heavily impacted and fundraising levels drop

Governance and Risk

Governance, Risk Management and Financial Accountability are highly publicised by the media and can negativity impact on the brand of an organisation

Attracting Skilled Workers

Charities face a huge challenge in attracting and retaining skilled and experienced employees and volunteers, who are the lifeblood of their organisations

Our Solution = SMARTprocurement

Using our knowledge and experience of the sector we have designed a 5 step method for charities, called SMARTprocurement;  the strategic sourcing and management of suppliers in order to gain clarity, control costs and mitigate risks.

Our SMARTproducts and services take charities on a journey of discovery from understanding their current position, identifying opportunities through to full implementation. 

Key Benefits for Charities

Maximise Results

Good procurement will save money and validate to trustees and donors that their donations are reaching as far as needed.

Improved Governance

Effective procurement can improve governance, mitigate risk and manage key supplier relationships i.e. fundraising partners.

World Class Expertise

Using our approach, you can access the world class expertise you need, when and where you need it, rather than depending on the continuity and loaded costs of an in-house team. 

The RESULT; through increased donor confidence, more funds can be raised to deliver their strategic objectives, simultaneously spending less whilst delivering more to support their beneficiaries – maximising results

Our SMARTproducts


Together we can deliver immediate benefits by reviewing existing buying habits, purchasing activities and identifying quick wins


Wherever you are in your tender journey our specialist team will help you complete the activity with favourable contract terms, deliver value for money and build stronger supplier relationships.


We can help build your bespoke procurement function using our 5 step SMARTconsult programme. Giving you clarity, control, confidence and delivering maximum results.


Outsource your procurement to Novo-K. Our SMARTsource offering provides flexible, affordable and expert procurement resource to support your organisation when you need it.


Using our 5-step SMART programme of Strategy, Approach, Measure, Relationship and Transformation, our 9 courses will help you and your team build a great procurement function.

End-to-End Support

Our team has a varied skill-set and can help your organisation with more than just procurement. Including Project Management, Document Management and Training.

The amazing benefits

  • Cost reductions
  • Time saving
  • Increased impact


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Every relationship begins somewhere, so please get in touch!