5 tips to make home working easier

There have been many blogs and articles regarding working from home. After months of lock-down, I want to share my TOP 5.


1-     Give yourself some time before you start work to get into the ‘going to work’ zone. Put on smart (but comfy) clothes on, style your hair and open the windows. The fresh air, and hopefully bird songs, is a great way to connect with the outside world, wake up your system and start the day. Setting up a working space away from the bedroom or lounge will provide you with the chill out space you will need at lunch and at the end of the day. Also, I recommend a clear desk policy. It is so much nicer to come to a desk ready to work rather than clear up the mess from the previous day!


2-     Find a good motivational playlist to help you focus. For me, there is nothing worse than working in a dead silent room.  I will find any excuse to walk around the room or ask a colleague a question. Music is a good way to uplift your mood and get stuck into work. I suggest an upbeat playlist. If you like a busy environment but not keen on music, try a talk radio in the background at a low level. The gossip and chat can be similar to the office environment.


3-     Take short breaks throughout the day to do a little exercise routine. It will keep your mind focused and blood flowing through your body. Everyone’s mental health is being tested during this period of isolation, so exercise is not only good to break up your work, it will also help clear your mind and release endorphins to trigger a positive feeling in your body. I started home working with Joe Wicks and now moved onto YouTube Zumba and walking on my lunch break.


4-     Put a lock or highly visible sign on the kitchen door to stop boredom eating. This is a problem for everyone I have spoken to. Whilst knowing there is delicious, ready to eat, food only a few steps away, it is hard to focus your mind onto anything else. For me, it is always ‘one more biscuit and I’ll stop eating’ but it never is, I will happily work through quite a few. Hopefully, the motivational playlist and short exercise breaks will also help keep you from boredom eating.


5-     Finally, fill out Novo-K’s scorecard for tips and advice to save money. No-one knows how long we are going to be working from home and it’s influencing people buying services. Novo-K’s FREE scorecard will help you identify places your organisation has potential to save money, and tips how to save more. The scorecard is perfect to help improve the financial health of your organisation. As we move through these unprecedented times out of lock-down, you want your business to hit the ground running by saving money and refocusing it to projects and activity that make money! Complete yours today – https://www.novo-k.com/scorecard/


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