A personal message from Satish Ambekar – the main fundraiser for Stuart’s House

For those who have donated sums so far, thank you.

The plight affecting Stuart cannot be compared with millions of others in worse conditions. Indeed some do not have a roof over their heads or are dying of hunger.

So why do I plead his case?

I have given a glimpse of his background in the account introducing his case and requesting your donations.

Stuart is an octogenarian who has been fortunate to have the current structure sheltering him. But, it belies the fact that his external kitchen at the back has collapsed. As a result, wood fired cooking takes place inside the house with smoke escaping through any open door or window. There is no electricity to his house, and if his water charges are not met then his water supply gets cut off. Stuart accepts his inability to afford any fuel and has reluctantly remained hungry from time to time.

The lavatory is outside, and comprises of a pit latrine without any running water. As Stuart gets older and frailer, this situation is becoming more and more difficult.

To his neighbours and passers-by, Stuart is a forlorn and lonely figure. His only companion is his cat, who remains a valuable asset to him through warmth and loyalty.

Previously, Stuart has suffered the indignity of being robbed of many personal belongings as he lacks any secure storage space. On some occasions, he is even taunted with insults reminding him of his hopelessness.

Stuart suffers from high blood pressure, and is given money by a few friendly neighbours to purchase his medicines. However, at the age of 82 he has repeatedly stated that despite his present state, the last thing he wants is to beg for support.

From time to time it has been possible to deposit monies into his account, however he is frail and his condition means that he cannot always manage to reach his bank account to withdraw some much needed money.

Unfortunately, there have been occasions where Stuart has been robbed of his money just after withdrawing it from the cash point. He has no means of knowing how to withdraw monies through trusted agents.

All the above is a far cry from the halcyon days of his life with his employer the late Dr Ambekar when he was given the best care possible.

Stuart and his wife were blessed with 12 children, however all with the exception of two have died of AIDS. Of his surviving children, his son is untrustworthy, and his daughter has a family of her own to support with little means to help Stuart.

Stuart’s only luxury is a mobile phone which regularly requires recharging through someone’s kindness. However, he is unable to handle the complexities of mobile phone technology.

Malawi is entering the cold season now, and the weather conditions are due to deteriorate. This means that repairing/rebuilding Stuart’s House is now a matter of urgency – and a race against time.

The resilience displayed by Stuart so far is a tribute to his inherent survival strength. Our resolve is to give him hope to survive.

Will you help?



To donate please follow this link: https://www.gofundme.com/help-to-build-stuart039s-house 



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