April Newsletter

Welcome to Novo-K’s April newsletter


The Novo-K office is closed, and the team will be working from home. Where possible, we have turned meetings and events into virtual calls.

This month, we have an update of the build of Stuarts house, an overview of our latest event, a video interview with our charitable partner and an unmissable deal for JoCoBu.

Can your charity buy better?

Last week we held a virtual round-table with large charities to discuss procurement. With the current situation, unsurprisingly the conversation was focused on supplier and contract management.

The importance of establishing your critical suppliers and best practice to manage them was the key topic. We covered supplier management, processes and implementing contract governance. From a moral perspective, we discussed how to identify tail spend suppliers and support those that may be severely impacted by a crisis, particularly those that are heavily dependent on a charities custom. COVID-19 has highlighted the need for charities to have formal agreements to both support the charity and their suppliers. The conversation closed with shared experiences of collaboration and communication tools.

If you would like to join in our next virtual round-table, visit www.novo-k.com/events



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Novo-K and MicroLoans partnership 2020

We visited MicroLoan Foundation at their HQ in London to launch our partnership. We discussed how business can do more with Hayden Cowap, Corporate Leads Officer. Watch more here

To learn more about MicroLoan Foundation and how you can donate, visit microloanfoundation.org.uk

Update on Stuart’s house

The build has progressed with the main structure now built. Once the roof is on, we will be moving into phase 3. There were a few issues along the way, including bricks being water logged due to the rain but the team have battled through.

Thank you to everyone that donated! Click here if you are interested in donating



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