Aquanima- Santander

Santander (Aquanima) Procurement Training

About the organisation:

Aquanima is part of Grupo Satander. The business provides procurement, cost analysis and vendor strategies to the bank and external clients across the globe.

With 300+ employees Aquanima’s purpose is to help people and businesses prosper. Aquanima connects business’ needs with the right solution at the best value, while balancing appropriate contractual considerations. Aquanima is uniquely positioned to connect end-to-end value chain processes and help businesses reach their goals.

Head Quarters in Madrid Spain, Aquanima have a presence across the world and a UK team in London and Milton Keynes.


What help did they require?

The UK team have been through a 2-year transformation, restructuring and growing to support the changing needs of the bank.

With many new team members, the UK Leadership team were keen to introduce best practice methodology and help embed this through personal development and training.

With our longstanding relationship with the bank, both in the UK and Spain, we were asked to build a tailored training programme to begin the team’s development journey and support Aquanima’s strategic objectives. 

What did we deliver:

We began with a discovery session with the UK Operations Director and SLT. We learnt about the operation, challenges and opportunities. We met with the wider team, discussed previous training and explored learning styles.

We proposed and built a 2-stage programme, with coursework linking the two training workshops. The first training focused on Stakeholder Management. This included identifying stakeholders, mapping and communication strategies. The day was interactive and the team were provided with tools to workshop real-life scenarios. The team were then tasked to apply their learning and present back findings at the following training workshop.

The second training workshop focused on Effective Negotiation, which included key tools and tactics. Another highly interactive day where the team were encouraged to practice techniques in a safe environment. The day ended in a group wide negotiation exercise, tailored to the organisation with typical scenarios and a few curve balls.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills

“Novo-K successfully delivered SMARTtraining workshops for our UK Procurement Team. Kavita ran a discovery session to understand our overall requirements, key challenges and team structure. The output was used to build tailored workshops and case studies for the team. Delivered by an experienced and energetic Senior Trainer, the Effective Negotiation training was a highly interactive day, which provided individuals the opportunity to trial negotiation techniques and styles in a safe environment. Novo-K delivered a highly professional service and we thoroughly enjoyed working with Kavita and the team.”

Vanessa Taibo

Operations Director UK Santander (Aquanima)