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  1. How do you know the best way forward for your organisation?
  2. How do you make decisions when the risk of making mistakes could cost money, expose beneficiaries and damage your reputation? 
  3. How do you mitigate the risk?

This great quote from Terry Pratchett sums up the answer nicely…… 

Taking the time to discover where your organisation has been, gives you the understanding to move forward. It will highlight areas for improvement, identify risk so they can be mitigated and creating efficiency.  Start your journey, ask yourself: 


How are you ensuring value for money? 

Investing in upfront planning and considering value for money is important throughout any procurement process. What has your organisation done in the past to manage this? Do you have a strategy and process in place so everyone understands what ‘value for money’ means in your organisation?  


How do you choose the right suppliers? 

Selecting the right suppliers is vital to ensure you get products and services delivered to you on time, at the right price and meeting all your values. How have your suppliers been chosen? Is there a selection criteria? Who monitors supplier performance, how do you know that the supplier was the right choice?


How do you demonstrate funds are spent effectively? 

Confidence in your organisation goes a long way to ensuring beneficiaries are taken care of and the doors stay open. How do you ensure a sense of trust within your organisation? Is there a strategy to ensure buying decisions are balanced? How do you share your successes with your team, supporters and stakeholders?


How is data being collected and stored? 

How we collect and manage our data has become a hot topic since the introduction of GDPR. Donor, stakeholder and beneficiary data is important to understand where the organisation is fundraising and what is successful. However, it can overshadow the need for other data collection. How to you record buying behaviour, what is organisations biggest spend, how is the data accessed and by who? One set of data will help you raise more, the other will help you save more. 


How do you use your data for the benefit of your organisation? 

Collecting data is never the end of the story.  Do you analyse past data regularly? How is this communicated to your organisation? Is there a process for change and review? And, yes, GDPR was not a one time yawn inducing project!  It’s here for a reason and it demands your attention all the time. 


I hope that this article starts to make you think about how you can discover more about your organisation from the past. How understanding data can change your future.    

“You can’t change your past, but you can learn from it and change your future.” 

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Our solution for organisations to understand buying behaviour, identify risks and save money. It is cost effective, focused on your strategic objectives, will realise significant savings, build strategic relationships, encourage innovation and importantly provide confidence to your stakeholders and supporters. 

We leverage our expertise and partnerships to recommend opportunities, carry out an in-depth analysis of your organisation, building a procurement strategy tailored to your objectives and values. 


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