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Welcome to Novo-K’s February newsletter


Two months into 2020 and what a year already! We hosted our first Partn3rs Network evening, launched our new product SMARTtail in partnership with MicroLoan Foundation and kicked off the build of Stuart’s house in Malawi.

Partn3rs Network evening

The 20s will be known for partnerships and building client centric eco-systems. We have started early with a new network to bring together Novo-K and JoCoBu partners every quarter.  

We wanted to thank everyone who attended and look forward to the next evening planned for the 30th April 2020

The events are  good opportunity to meet new people and learn about other businesses that may be able to help your clients or enhance your products and services. If you are interested in attending email marketing@novo-k.com.

We are also offering the opportunity to sponsor and present at our next event, for more information email marketing@novo-k.com

What is SMARTtail?

Our new 12 week programme which starts with the classification and normalisation of 100% of tail spend data.

We review and present the output, highlighting the opportunities to save money and find the efficiencies to support better, more informed business decisions.

Novo-K will donate £100 to MicroLoan Foundation for every SMARTtail client.

Novo-K is proud to support MicroLoan Foundation, and we would like other SMEs to support them too.
MicroLoan is a women’s empowerment and poverty alleviation charity which helps women work their own way out of poverty by supplying them with business training and affordable loans.
MicroLoan has just launched their unique CSR programme which gives businesses access to exclusive content, engagement and promotion opportunities, all while giving back to an impactful charity.
If you would like to know more about Empower for business contact Hayden from MicroLoan at hayden.cowap@mlf.org.uk

Can your business buy better? Answer our 8 questions for a personalised report to identify quick wins to save money and improve your buying processes.

“The Novo-K scorecard provided great insights into our buying behaviour and where to start focusing our efforts” From Ashley Coker CEO of Slate

Update of Stuart’s house

Wearing our procurement hats and working closely with Spwie Zulu and Stuart’s neighbour Michael Musicha, we have been working with local builders to finalise the plans and costs of the house build. 

Stuart has been given a radio for his enjoyment and keep connected to the outside world.

We will keep you posted on the next stages on the build.

Thank you to everyone that donated! 

What is sustainable procurement? ….

Sustainable procurement takes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles and integrates them into an organisation’s procurement policy and processes. In the past few years, the term ‘Triple bottom-line’ has also gained traction. Organisations are looking beyond profit to include social and environmental issues to both measure the full cost of doing business and meet sustainability goals.

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