How the Kickstart Scheme has helped young people through the pandemic

With COVID-19 reducing the number of roles for young people, the Government introduced the ‘Kickstart Scheme’ in September 2020 to help young people aged between 16-24 who were struggling to find work due to the global pandemic. There was a lot of uncertainty during this time period in business, causing there to be less jobs to be available.

It gave employers the opportunity to employ young individuals for a six-month period without the overhead. This scheme was put in place to boost work skills and offer a platform to be able to build a professional network. With this ‘toolkit’ of experience it then enables these individuals to take their next steps in the working world, opening more opportunities in the field they desire.

Why Novo-K got involved?

Kavita Cooper, Managing Director at Novo-K Procurement Solutions, chose to get involved with the scheme and offer two places within the team. These two roles would support with Marketing, Recruitment and Administrative activities.

Kavita expressed her decision to get behind this scheme, she said ‘I couldn’t recommend this programme more. Not only will it support our business growth as we come out of lockdown, but it is also a valuable opportunity to provide young people the skills and support they need to progress their careers.’

It was the perfect balance for Novo-K, as the company is growing quickly, to get fresh eyes involved and assist with the expansion. As we have been in lockdown and working from home for the past year, it is a great way to have new ideas and opinions bought to the team to improve the way to do things. It also gives ‘the kickstarters’ a voice within the company, starting with projects and campaigns that they oversaw. Giving immediate responsibility and creativity helps build confidence and navigate creativity.

What do our new recruits think of their roles so far?

Navdeep is our new Office Administrator, and his background has been heavily orientated around IT. Navdeep explained ‘I’m looking forward to developing new skills and growing the skills I already have’. With our internal systems changing he said, ‘I’m excited to manage the data migration between the two and learning new software and it’s functionality has been fascinating for me’.

Rosie is our new Marketing Assistant and having dabbled in marketing in previous roles, she is now looking forward to having a role focused just on that to further her knowledge in the field. Rosie stated, ‘It’s been great creating new content in the form of videos and images to go out alongside new campaigns – using new software to do so’. Rosie also enjoys writing and said, ‘having the opportunity to plan and write blogs also, has been amazing’.

Here at Novo-K we cannot recommend this opportunity enough. If you as a company are interested in the Kickstart Scheme, you can sign up until the 31st of December 2021. The website is below to find out more.



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