What is JoCoBu?

JoCoBu is the latest brainchild of Novo-K. It is a B2B community connecting Buyers to the right Suppliers, and helping Suppliers showcase their potential.

We were founded in 2019, as our parent company Novo-K felt there was a gap in the market for organisations to access a diverse set of Suppliers where business values can be shared and aligned.

Supplier Benefits

  • Shout about your values and the contribution you make
  •  Low cost versus traditional advertising and online ads
  • Direct contact between Buyers and Suppliers
  • FREE admission to exclusive JoCoBu Partner events
  •  JoCoBu will promote your newsletter, podcasts, videos and special deals
  • Increase direct sales leads by driving traffic to your business
  • Supplier reviews & feedback from buyers and your customers
  • Access to our Collaborative opportunities
  • An Account Manager to help you get the most out of being a JoCoBu Partner
  • Additional Premium benefits Visit here

Buyer Benefits

  • FREE to search for the ‘Right’ supplier & contact them
  • No sign up required to access JoCoBu Supplier details
  • JoCoBu is easier than trying to find Suppliers on a search engine
  • Direct Supplier relationships to save money & build stronger partnerships
  • Enables you to increase your Supplier diversity
  • Review the Suppliers you’ve used and help spread the word
  • Connect with Suppliers who share your values, ethics and sustainability needs
  • Build up key partnerships through our community
  • Search for what you need by category. sub-categories & values

    Registered Buyer Benefits

    • Register as a JoCoBu Buyer for additional benefits
    • Share requests to attract suppliers – Coming Soon
    • Save your favourite suppliers
    • Review suppliers & leave feedback
    • In-platform messaging system – Coming Soon

    Our community showcases the work you do, invites you to collaborative opportunities, and connects you to our world. Join today.