What is JoCoBu?

JoCoBu is the latest brainchild of Novo-K. It is a B2B community connecting Buyers to the right Suppliers, and helping Suppliers showcase their potential.

We were founded in 2019, as our parent company Novo-K felt there was a gap in the market for organisations to access a diverse set of Suppliers where business values can be shared and aligned.

Our ambition is to make JoCoBu the preferred supplier list for Buyers and procurement professionals all around the world.  

Buyers invariably contact companies they already know, or have access to in their network.  JoCoBu is changing that.

This is how JoCoBu will benefit you:

Supplier Benefits

  • Low cost versus traditional advertising and online ads
  • JoCoBu is NOT a search engine using PPC.  Buyers will find you because you are the most relevant. Suppliers are equal, ranking them according to their category and reviews
  • Better sales qualification – Share your values and align with Buyers. Highlight your competitive edge and the impact it has.
  • Access to exclusive JoCoBu events, opening up more sales opportunities, a chance to network and promote your business
  • JoCoBu will promote your newsletter, podcasts and videos. This enhances customer contact, and allows you to advertise more than just the services you provide
  • Increase direct sales leads by driving traffic to your business, social media and website
  • Direct contact between Buyers and Suppliers. We don’t interfere in your customer relationship
  • Trust built via JoCoBu shortens sales cycles for suppliers, helping you close deals, allowing you to move onto the next opportunity
  • Supplier reviews by customers in one location, designed for buyers to increase trust and ensure reliability
  • Collaborative opportunities – sell to more than one customer at the same time. Lowering the cost of sale, shortening the sales cycles and increasing profitability 

Buyer Benefits

  • 100% free. No hidden costs or need to sign up
  • JoCoBu is a community and you benefit from the shared knowledge and the experiences of other users
  • No sign up required to access Supplier information. We offer direct supplier contact without interference
  • JoCoBu is easier than trying to find suppliers on a search engine. With our supplier listings it is easy to find what you need when you need it
  • Direct supplier relationships save money and promote stronger, long term partnerships. JoCoBu enables you to increase your Supplier diversity
  • Find all your Suppliers through one preferred Supplier platform, saving you time and money
  • Review the Suppliers you’ve used to help other Buyers make informed decisions
  • Connect with Suppliers who share your values, both on JoCoBu and on social media. Build up key partnerships through our community
  • Search for what you need by category and values. Find the right supplier for your ethical and sustainability needs and match your values
  • Find local Suppliers to match your environmental values by cutting emissions. Buying locally also supports a sustainable supply chain

Our community showcases the work you do, invites you to collaborative opportunities, and connects you to our world. Join today.