Kavita Cooper, Novo-K’s Managing Director, Directors Magazine Interview

How do I sell a service that firms don’t know they need?


Kavita Cooper has founded a business that promises to take the pain out of procurement, but she’s finding it a tough sell to enterprises that don’t understand what they could gain from smarter supply-chain management.

She asks our panel of seasoned IoD members how best to convince them.Procurement suffers something of an image problem in many organisations, which see the process as tiresome, risky and costly. Kavita Cooper, the founder and MD of Novo-K, wants to change all that. Her firm is on a mission to “simplify” how SMEs and charities obtain the goods and services they need. By her own admission, it was a function that she’d actually avoided earlier in her career. But, when she became BT Conferencing’s global head of procurement in 2013, Cooper discovered that she “loved its structure and the fact that it could bring so much value to an organisation”.

After getting involved with BT’s volunteering programme, Cooper realised that even the biggest charities needed help when it came to finding the right suppliers and managing them. This gave her the idea for Novo-K, which she started in 2015.

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