MicroLoan Foundation Parternship

Novo-K and MicroLoans partnership 2020


In 2019, we signed up and partnered with Work for Good, a platform to help small business donate to charities. It was important for us to find a charity that aligned with our values which include gender equality (UNSDG Goal 5), so when we came across MicroLoan Foundation, we saw them as a natural fit.

MicroLoan Foundation provide the tools and skills to enable the poorest women in sub-Saharan Africa (Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe) to work their own way out of poverty. They support a number of women in Malawi where Kavita has a personal connection and is currently building a house for an elderly man, following a crowdfunding activity (https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-to-build-stuart039s-house).

Although we donate to MicroLoan Foundation, we wanted to do more and approached them to build a longer term relationship, where we can have greater and sustainable impact.

Working with MicroLoan Foundation, we planned and launched a new Novo-K product, SMARTtail. This product supports our clients and also women setting up their own micro-business.

We pledge to donate £100 for every SMARTtail client we on-board. For each £100, we can help up to 4 women receive a start up loan, which helps support their families and contributes into their local economy.

On 14th February 2020, we visited MicroLoan Foundation at their HQ in London to launch our partnership. We discussed the history and impact of the organisation with Malin Rosenkvist, Director of Fundraising and Communications, and how business can do more with Hayden Cowap, Corporate Leads Officer. Check out the videos and leave a comment below.


To learn more about MicroLoan Foundation and how you can donate, visit microloanfoundation.org.uk or email contact@mlf.org.uk



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