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Episode 2- Procurement, Accounting and IT Support


With lock down easing and business returning to a ‘new normal’, how has your organisation been adapting to the new way of business?  

On 15th October, we hosted our second episode of Power of 3. Power of 3 is part of our kick start campaign which came about as we started to see the devastating impact of COVID-19 and lock down on business

We brought together 3 business leaders- 

– Adam Pritchard, Managing Director of Linford Grey Chartered Accountants, Accountant 
– Harold Carew, Business Development Manager at Innovated IT, IT Support
– Kavita Cooper, Managing Director of Novo-K, Procurement  

Listen to the webinar below to find out tips for:

✔️ How cloud based technologies have changed the landscape of service
✔️ How the right hardware can assist in making working from home comfortable
✔️ Why focusing on tail spend can return quick savings

This Power of 3 episode is sponsored by Kaleida. Kaleida is a B2B marketplace for both Public and Private sector tenders. The leading platform drives commercial benefits for both Buyers and Suppliers by helping them find new revenue opportunities and partnerships simply and effectively.

Speaker bios:

Kavita Cooper

Kavita Cooper

Managing Director and Founder, Novo-K

My goal is to change the perception of procurement and promote the value it delivers. I champion the benefits of adopting an entrepreneurial culture in all size businesses and speaks about this on a global stage.

Adam Pritchard

Adam Pritchard

Managing Director, Linford Grey Chartered Accountants

A Trusted advisor and an intelligent friend to their clients. Working hard to deliver integrated solutions that give clients real time insight into the performance and position of their business helping them make optimal decisions.

Harold Carew

Harold Carew

Business Development Manager, Innovated IT

Experienced IT managed service provider within the telecommunication sector, working with SME’s and Non-profit organisations. Supporting organisations adjusting to COVID-19, assisting with IT needs.

Thank you for watching.

If you have any questions, please email bethany.linington@novo-k.com or directly message the speakers on Twitter or LinkedIn.



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