Our purpose is to Redefine Procurement, making it accessible and exciting. We offer expert procurement solutions and services tailored to your business.

We utilise our House of Best Practice framework and strategically source goods and services to deliver value for money and mitigate risk – SMARTprocurementTM.

Our SMARTproducts are designed to give you clarity in your supply chain and instil confidence in customers, stakeholders and employees.


SMARTanalysis – Most impact in the shortest time frame

We review your supplier contracts and invoices to assess the fastest possible gains and mitigate risk in your organisation for the most significant impact.  SMARTanalysis puts you in the driving seat of procurement so that you can you introduce small changes that make big gains.   

This solution is used by many of our customers to fund further investment in their procurement strategy and improvements for more momentous projects that increase savings several times over.  SMARTanalysis puts you in control as you move from buying ‘stuff’ to progressing on your procurement journey; it further convinces your stakeholders about the true value of procurement as a profit improvement tool. 

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SMARTdiscovery - Understand and buying behaviour, identify risk and save money

In-depth analysis of your organisation, building a procurement strategy tailored to support your objectives and values.  We deep dive supplier data and key contracts to understand opportunities to save money, improve efficiencies, highlight and mitigate risk. We leverage our own expertise and those of our partners to recommend opportunities for efficiency improvements, savings and best practice.

SMARTdiscovery becomes the blueprint for your Procurement Strategy whether starting from scratch or your existing plan needs a tune up.

SMARTdiscovery offers increased clarity and focus to support the delivery of your strategic objectives, increased efficiencies to realise significant savings, build strategic relationships with suppliers to encourage innovation and provide confidence to stakeholders and supporters that the necessary controls are in place.

SMARTdiscovery is the most meaningful way to identify the impact of procurement on your organisation and the resulting recommendations make it clear the changes to make this happen.


SMARTsupport - Expert procurement and support services when you need it

Novo-K can be an extension of your existing team, supporting specific functions, tasks or implementations.  Alternatively, we can be your procurement department without the need of expensive investment.  Whatever your procurement needs, SMARTsupport is tailored for you, supporting the unique ongoing procurement and supplier management requirements of your organisation.   

Because we already have the experienced people in our business and can leverage our extensive network of partners and internal resource, our eco-system of support is a cost-effective alternative to an in-house solution.  Strange as it may seem this means we’ve applied procurement principles to reduce the cost of the procurement function, which is a pretty clever trick!

Our specialist team are on hand to provide guidance on tools and templates, answer queries and support your procurement and supplier management. Review, analyse and feedback on your policy, processes and spend data, with recommendations allowing you to focus on your key objectives. All while providing access to our partners products and services that complement and support our solutions.

SMARTset-up - Building blocks of your in-house procurement

SMARTset-up is the next logical step to implement the recommendations from the discovery phase and is your solution to ensure best practice procurement. 

Through standardising and organising your procurement activities to ensure you maintain clarity and control over your buying strategies, giving senior leadership confidence that the necessary controls are in place. 

Our specialist team build a tailored Procurement Policy in-line with your objectives and values with a structured process that uses tested tools, templates and step-by-step guidance for your employees. A significant benefit of SMARTset-up is that it creates a centralised repository for all documentation, support and governance; this in turn supports your adherence to industry and government regulations as well as speeding up the procurement process for all future transactions.


SMARTprocure - Achieve value for money and build stronger supplier relationships

Supporting our SMARTsupport solution, we deliver end-to-end sourcing solutions suited to complex and high-risk procurement needs. Gathering requirements to identify the best procurement approach i.e. tenders, single source, framework or re-negotiated contracts.

SMARTprocure balances favourable contract terms with delivering value for money and mitigating risk. Access our procurement expertise and partner network to gain sector knowledge and benefit from their experience.  A significant impact of our SMARTprocure service is that it leverages the experience of our established 4-phase process ‘Sourcing 2 Supervision’ that gives greater insights to make the right decision for stronger partnerships and ongoing control of your supply chain.

SMARTtraining - Train your team to deliver maximum impact

We offer a defined range of courses designed by Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) qualified experts.  We deliver these to single companies wanting to roll out or introduce procurement into their organisation and we run them regularly for attendees from multiple (usually smaller) companies wanting to improve their knowledge of procurement and unlock savings.

SMARTtraining delivers in-house and individual training courses, from initial principles and best practice, through to negotiation skills and the tendering process. Your team will understand the value of SMARTprocurement and the opportunity it will bring by building their personal procurement expertise and in turn realise the savings you want in your organisation.

  • Procurement Foundations
  • Tendering Process
  • Effective Negotiation
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Procurement Financials
  • Category Management
  • Contract and Supplier Management
  • Introduction to Contract Law