Who is Novo-K?

We are a UK based procurement company, delivering our clients solutions and services which increase their profits and supports top line growth. We successfully save our clients up to 20% on supplier spend using our SMARTprocurement framework and products.

To start saving, you first need to gain clarity on your current supplier landscape, identifying where money is being spent, what is being bought, who is buying and how often. We can provide this overview with our SMARTanalysis product.


What is SMARTanalysis?

We crunch 3 years of your spend data to cleanse and analyse opportunities to save money, find the efficiencies that yield immediate benefit and working with our GDPR Specialists, identify potential risks your supply chain. Our Procurement Specialists will present back the results, recommendations and suggested next steps. You will also receive a report.

This product is used to fund further investment to build our clients’ procurement functions, initiate programmes to improve their bottom-line and, most importantly, support revenue growth.

SMARTanalysis puts you in control as you move from tactical purchasing to progressing on your procurement journey; it also demonstrates the true value of procurement as a profit improvement tool and a critical function for your business.

What do you do?

  • Share your spend and invoice data for the last three years
  • Provide top supplier contract information
  • Advise us on any key programmes or initiatives you have planned
  • Share your organisational strategy or vision

What do we do?

  • Mine the spend data and crunch the numbers
  • Produce key reports to provide an overview for your business 
  • Highlight opportunities, provide recommendations and guidance on next steps
  • Review your contracts to highlight potential risks 

Our Procurement Specialists will meet with you to explain your results, giving you advice on how to implement the recommendations and take control of your spend