We won a sustainability award!

Let’s take a look at what we are doing as an organisation going forwards!

Novo-K have always made an effort in using ethical and sustainable products, as we believe that making a number of small changes leads to big rewards.

We have supported the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development for a few years now, but decided to take the next step and make the whole month of May a plastic free environment in our office, banning all single use plastics in an effort to raise awareness of our own environmental impact.

Banning single use plastics in the office meant that we really had the chance to think about the impact each of us were having on the environment, especially in terms of lunches as it is so easy to pick something up from the shop nearby without thinking about whether the packaging could be recycled.

As a result, we have all made a conscious effort to store food in reusable containers, and for all bought in drinks we have used our reusable water bottles and coffee cups. We found that visiting the local café was a lot more environmentally friendly than visiting the local shop, as it cut down on packaging. On the odd occasion we took the food back to the office all food was stored in paper wraps and in a paper bag.

We did initially struggle in cutting down on our crisp consumption, so looked into how we could recycle the packets. We found a local TerraCycle collector who sends all the packets off to be turned into pens! This inspired us further as we could really see just how much could be recycled given the chance.

In the office, we cut down on printing, throwing away pens and used no wipes – only tissues. We made a conscious effort to take all of our non-confidential paper waste to a recycling bin around the corner. We have carried on doing this.

Going plastic free for the month of May was the start of something important for Novo-K. Going forwards, we recently won a Lotus Award for Sustainability – alongside big names like Whitbread and nPower. Receiving this award was incredible achievement and ‘reward’ for the changes we have implemented, and has only inspired us further.

We are carrying on with our plastic free theme, and have also decided to align with Goal 13 of the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development – Climate Action.  This means we will be taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Novo-K pledges to continue with our plastic free journey by reducing waste, storing all documents on a shared platform to reduce printing, using reusable bags, bottles and cups, and are planning an office wide vegetarian week!



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