About us

Procurement solutions to meet the needs of our clients through procurement outsourcing, consultancy and recruitment, delivering clarity, control and confidence.

Vision, Mission and Goal

Meet the team

Kavita Cooper

Managing Director

Peter Kearsey

Head of UK Operations

Paula Page

Head of Resources

Mehul Patel

Head of India Operations

David Salter

Ireland Country Manager

Saurabh Limaye

Chief Operations Officer

Tim McBride

Senior Procurement Specialist

Wendy Judd

Procurement Specialist

Jane Noad

Programme Director 

Andy Neilson

Associate Director

Peter Furst

Procurement Consultant

Ben Walsh

Commercial Director

Bob Turnbull

Procurement Consultant

Vic Edwards

Procurement Specialist

Yagmur Acarbas

Procurement Assistant

Beth Linington

Senior Marketing Executive

Rosie Stevens

Resourcing & Marketing Associate

Jess Kinsella

Resourcing & Marketing Administrator

Jordan Spence

Marketing Assistant

Jane Fryatt

HR Business Partner

Tracey Giblin Kelly

Finance Director

Hayley Basmas

Assistant Accountant

Michelle George

Executive Assistant 

Michelle Jones

Procurement Consultant


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