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If you would like to register an expression of interest to do business with us,  please complete our supplier minimum requirements form

We encourage a diverse supply chain and actively choose to work with companies that align to our ethics and values.

An organisation’s suitability to become one of our suppliers will typically be managed through an open and fair selection process, sometimes as part of competitive selection. Regardless of procurement approach, there are a set of minimum requirements we expect all our suppliers to meet.

With smaller companies, we will always take a reasonable approach so that they are not disadvantaged. This way we can maintain our commitment to engage with all sizes of companies in a fair and transparent manner.

Please complete our supplier minimum requirements form: HERE

We may request copies of insurances, policies, accreditations or other relevant documents as part of our supplier selection process.

Please note that by completing the supplier minimum requirements does not constitute a obligation enter into a contractual relationship. 


Let us know how we can support you and your procurement journey or answer any questions you have: