Procurement Solutions for Every Industry

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Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of companies in and moving toward renewable energy, power generation and oil & gas. With a team experienced in sourcing and contracting activities for energy clients, we optimise the supply chain focusing on resilience, risk management and sustainability.


Financial Services

With a proven track record supporting financial services clients since 2017, our team is well-equipped to meet the demands of the industry’s fast paced environment. With an emphasis on regulation, compliance and governance, we have managed spend worth £1.5bn and ensure that our clients’ meet their larger organisational goals.


Venture Capital

Venture Capital firms operate at a fast pace, prioritising cost optimisation while sourcing products and services that benefit their portfolio companies. Novo-K’s expertise and supplier networks ensure access to best practice procurement for VCs and their portfolios to fuel growth and focus on innovation.

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Elite sports require cost optimisation, sourcing high-quality sporting equipment, merchandise and services. Utilising our expertise and supplier network, we can provide procurement solutions that enhance performance and implement sustainability measures to ensure that sports organisations maintain their competitive edge for years to come.


Not For Profit

It is essential for not-for-profit organisations to ensure that their operations amplify their impact. Working in the sector since 2015, we provide tailor-made solutions to achieve cost transformation and transparency allowing organisations to continue working towards their mission while their procurement function is in safe hands.


Public Sector

Public sector organisations must be conscious of compliance, budgets and the need for transparency. Novo-K’s procurement solutions enable public sector entities to deliver their services effecitvely while ensuring that necessary regulations are followed and value for money is achieved.



Our expertise helps mitigate common issues in the infrastructure industry, including supply chain disruptions, budget constraints, regulatory compliance and complex project timelines. From sourcing and logistics to contract negotiation and supplier management, we ensure efficient and cost-effective procurement solutions.



We offer procurement solutions designed to tackle the unique challenges faced by manufacturing companies. From strategic sourcing and demand forecasting to risk management and supplier collaboration, our support addresses key issues in the manufacturing industry and ensures supply chain resilience, cost control, technology integration and sustainability initiatives.



With a need for high quality goods and services delivered in restricted time constraints for complex projects, healthcare organisations face numerous procurement challenges. By collaborating with trusted suppliers, our strategic sourcing and delivery support healthcare organisations in their mission to provide the right care for their clients.