Our approach is more than just saving you money...

Businesses and charities are becoming increasingly focused on cost reduction activities to increase profit for their shareholders or deliver more support and services to their beneficiaries.  Novo-K can help you achieve your goals and transform your organisation through expert procurement consultancy.

Our approach has been designed specifically for small & medium sized businesses and charities to:

  • Identify quick wins and longer-term cost reduction opportunities
  • Improve internal processes, buying techniques and supplier performance
  • Identify supply chain risks and build plans for mitigation and management
  • Transform the relationships with suppliers and partners

Good procurement is a viable opportunity for you to reduce costs, improve efficiency and transform relationships. Implementation of our SMARTprocurement products and services can deliver up to 20% cost reduction and start you on a road to strategic sourcing.

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Together we can deliver immediate benefits by reviewing existing buying habits, purchasing activities and identifying quick wins


Wherever you are in your tender journey our specialist team will help you complete the activity with favourable contract terms, deliver value for money and build stronger supplier relationships


Using our 5 step SMARTprocurement model we can boost your procurement function, giving you clarity, control and confidence helping you maximise results


Our SMARTsource offering provides flexible, affordable and expert procurement resource to support your organisation when you need it


Using our 5-step SMART programme of Strategy, Approach, Measure, Relationship and Transformation, our 9 courses will help you and your team build a great procurement function.

End-to-End Support

We offer end-to-end services to support your organisation which includes Project Management, Document Management and Training

Supporting the Charity Finance Group (CFG) 

Novo-K are partnered with Charity Finance Group, helping charity professionals develop best practice and make an even bigger difference to the beneficiaries they are so passionate about. You can read our company bio here, find out more how CFG are helping their charity members and we hope to meet you at one of the member events.

Lawbite; legal advice for SMEs and businesses

Lawbite offers for the Novo-K Community

Don't neglect your legalities, they could be costing you money. Prevention is better than cure!

Our legal partner Lawbite has created a FREE, legal health check tool for businesses. 

It’s a simple, quick, online survey that identifies areas you may be losing money and helps minimise future losses, giving a free report at the end and a free trial of legal documents and advice. Take the legal health check here.

Collaboration is KING!

One of our aims is to help organisations see the power behind Collaboration. At the end of 2016, we hosted a special charity event 'Collaboration is KING!' in London, with some of the UK's largest charities taking the time to talk to the attendees on their experiences and the future of collaboration.

"Collaboration means playing to your strengths and being able to do more than you could possibly do on your own"

Anne Heal, Chair of Volunteering Matters

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