Why choose Novo-K

Novo-K's purpose is to utilise the power of procurement to help charities and businesses to maximise their results, thereby delivering more front line services for beneficiaries or increase profits for shareholders.

Our expertise

We have built a team with a wealth of experience and knowledge working with charities, private businesses and public organisations. We understand the unique challenges of each sector and using our 5-step SMARTprocurement method, we deliver tailored and highly effective solutions for each customer.


In December 2016, we were awarded the DENT partnership award in recognition of our drive and passion to provide our clients with an eco-system of support so that they can focus on their own business objectives.

Our Aim is to support and guide our clients along their procurement journey to help maximise their results
Our Values include Transparency, Collaboration and a Commitment to excellent customer services
Our Objectives are to deliver immediate benefit, manage supply chain risk, save time & resources and continually improve

About Novo-K

You are probably wondering what Novo-K means, well Novo is Latin for, refresh, revive, change, invent or alter and the stands for 'Knowledge'. In other words: fresh thinking for your organisation to have more impact, be more efficient and, yes, reduce cost through SMARTprocurement!

Novo-K was founded in 2015 and born out of a desire to bring corporate enterprise knowledge, expertise and experience to the Charity and SME sector. We are passionate about helping organisations become more effective and efficient, transforming the way they work with their supply base and strategic partners. 
We believe that procurement should be at the heart of an organisation in every sector.

Our Team

We are a vibrant, enthusiastic and energetic team, passionate about helping charities through collaboration


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