Innovation in Elite Sports Procurement: Novo-K’s Event and the Birth of ESPC

Novo-K recently joined forces with Arsenal Football Club, bringing together elite sports procurement and finance professionals for a day of networking and knowledge sharing. Amidst the excitement, pivotal insights emerged, shedding light on the transformative role of procurement in elite sports.

Richard Holmes, a leading figure from The Final Third and a champion of sustainability in elite sports, shared  invaluable insights  from years of experience and a personal passion and drive. Richard Holmes advocated for collaboration between sports clubs and local communities, highlighting its potential to drive sustainability and innovation within the industry.

Following on from Richard’s powerful session a collective call for sustained action resonated within the group. Fisayo Roberts advocated for a prolonged commitment to embedding sustainability within the cultural fabric of sports clubs, stressing the importance of continuity.

Key to this shift is the realisation that sustainability must surpass every aspect of a club’s operations. Tom Roche highlighted the significance of collaboration in fostering a sustainable supply chain, while Jai Pushkin from Defrae stressed the transformative impact of working with local suppliers to achieve cost efficiencies and support communities.

Jason Roberts from Kaleida championed diversity and inclusivity in procurement practices, allowing clubs to enhance their impact while saving valuable time. Michelle Banks from Brouha highlighted the pivotal role of sponsorship in advancing ESG goals, urging clubs to leverage partnerships as platforms for storytelling and community engagement.

As the event progressed, Novo-K’s track record with elite sports organisations like Chelsea Football Club took centre stage. Through strategic partnerships and innovative procurement solutions, Novo-K has established itself as a trusted ally in the pursuit of excellence and efficiency in sports procurement.

However, the day held an even greater importance; Novo-K unveiled the Elite Sports Procurement Collaborative (ESPC) as a game-changer in the realm of sports procurement. More than just a community, the ESPC represents a dynamic ecosystem where procurement professionals and suppliers converge to unlock opportunities and drive success. Novo-K’s ESPC launch captivated the audience, igniting innovation and collaboration in sports procurement.

Novo-K’s Collaboration in Elite Sports event signifies a commitment to partnership, innovation, and community in elite sports procurement. With the launch of ESPC, a new chapter unfolds—a future where collaboration knows no bounds and success knows no limits. Join us as we redefine the rules of the game and unlock a world of possibilities in elite sports procurement.

Personal Reflection:

As the Client Executive and now The ESPC Lead, I’m genuinely excited about the potential of ESPC in revolutionising Sports Procurement. The journey ahead is full of promise and anticipation, and I’m eager to see where it leads. Here’s to embracing the future and all the exciting possibilities it brings. Cheers to the journey ahead!