Transforming Procurement: Meet BuyingStation by Novo-K

In 2015, I started Novo-K with a view to take corporate sector methodology and distil it down for medium-sized enterprises and charitable organisations. In the years that followed, we recognised the need to consolidate contract and supplier information so that these organisations could gain real clarity over their third-party spending. We noticed that the available tools in the market were inaccessible to these organisations, primarily due to cost.

In the early days at Novo-K, we helped clients by building procurement portals on SharePoint and internal systems for accessing critical and BAU procurement information. It was a step in the right direction, however, over time, we realised it’s lack of scalability and recognised more work was needed. We required a solution that was not only easy to use, with the right functionality but also capable of delivering tangible ROI for our clients. So the journey to create a proprietary system began, resulting in BuyingStation.

BuyingStation allows organisations to gain Clarity across their third party spend, have the right Control in place and ultimately, have the Confidence that they are working with the right suppliers in the right way.

Designed and developed by procurement practitioners who have worked with a diverse range of clients. We understand the needs of both procurement and non-procurement professionals. By listening to our clients, studying market trends and identifying areas for improvement, we have developed technology that streamlines procurement processes, delivering savings and increased efficiencies through one centralised platform. BuyingStation brings together Contract Management, Supplier Onboarding, Project Pipeline, Spend Tracking and the ability to build Quotations and Tenders using AI.

Traditional procurement platforms often adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, with typically only 10% of their functionality utilised, while organisations are charged for all features. At BuyingStation we have prioritised affordability and ROI. With simplified terminology and a user-friendly interface, our platform empowers both procurement professionals and non-specialists to leverage its full potential, maximising value at a cost that also aligns with the budgets of small and medium sized businesses.

At its core, BuyingStation is all about simplicity, with our ethos being Keep it simple. We have stripped away the unnecessary bells and whistles that often bog down other procurement tools, focusing instead on delivering the essential functionality that businesses need to succeed.

But simplicity does not mean sacrificing power. BuyingStation is packed with advanced features and capabilities, all carefully designed to streamline the procurement processes and drive better outcomes.