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NOVO-K Case Studies


British Yearly Meeting- Quakers

About the organisation

Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) is a church, a charity and a company: the charity supports the church, and the company supports the charity. BYM’s overarching purpose and vision is to guide all the charity’s strategies and work programmes.

What help did they require?

Our client was with their incumbent payroll supplier for 10+ years. The customer experience was not at the level expected, with mistakes and issues happening on a regular basis.  With the reluctance to help resolve or rectify issues when raised BYM decided to take the opportunity to competitively tender the service. They approached Novo-K their Procurement Business Partner to help them go to market and procure a new outsourced payroll provider.

What did we deliver?

To support BYM with this end-to-end tender, we followed our Sourcing2SupervisionTM process.

The first step was to investigate the spend data and see how much the current supplier was costing our client. We discussed with the key stakeholders their main needs and requirements to understand what services they required going forwards. From these meetings it was decided that our client required a payroll supplier to provide a robust accurate payroll solution, complimented by high quality account management. It was key for the supplier to have charity experience and provide online monthly payslips to support our client’s sustainability values.

After a research activity to source suppliers, due diligence was carried out on the selected suppliers, running credit checks, checking the suppliers met our client’s minimum requirements.

We asked the selected suppliers to submit a proposal for this contract, which was then read by all the stakeholders and scored against an adjudication matrix. We worked with the stakeholders to decide the best fitting suppliers who were than invited to a presentation. Following the internal agreement of the top supplier, a site visit was arranged to go to the chosen supplier’s site and have a tour of their premises. This allowed the client to speak to the people they could potentially work with and saw a demonstration of the process.

After supporting BYM to source and agree on the best supplier, we helped negotiate prices and favourable contract terms. We negotiated a saving of 14% over the three-year contract for BYM.

We updated BYM’s contract register and stored all of the project documents in a central Procurement Office, which was created for them through our SMARTset-up product.

From using our Sourcing2Supervision process, BYM now have a payroll provider that deliver a service they are happy with and have the right KPI’s and SLA’s in place to be able to manage the provider successfully.

“In 2019 the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers Britain) decided to retender its outsourced payroll service. We did not have much experience in this area, so because of their knowledge, expertise and reputation in procurement we engaged Novo-K to assist and support us.

With their help we were successful in appointing a new provider. Novo-K were a joy to work with on this key project. Their help and advice with sourcing potential providers, assistance with drawing up a project delivery plan and input in the selection process proved invaluable to us. It saved us a great of deal time. We were particularly impressed with the regular project updates and communications we had with them, in particular we appreciated their help in negotiating a favourable price for the new service.

Highly recommended!”

Ric Moore

Head of HR & Training , British Yearly Meeting